bow down to the caffeine gods


I just realized I have more than 400 Twitter followers. This is astonishing. Why would anyone willingly subject him or her self to my constant barrage of fashion, feminism, and sass? Jeez. I mean, like, thanks for following me…but why?!?

Anyway. In the spirit of cataloging my life, here’s what’s up with me.

I commuted in to work with my friend Andy today, and got in at like 8:15am, which is a whole 45 minutes early for me. It reminded me how nice it was to work 8am-4pm when I interned in NYC last summer. Sidenote: if you’ve ever taken the commuter rail from NJ –> NJ (any long train ride works), grab a pen and paper and then chug a medium iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Then go ham-sandwich with brainstorming and to-do lists. Omg so productive.

Speaking of coffee, there’s this on-the-go espresso gadget that lets you make your own espresso without electricity or batteries and, needless to say, I want it. I’m starting to worry about my caffeine intake, because I sometimes need it to feel like a person, which makes me feel like I’m going to get addicted. I tried to swap it out for green tea, but I think I’m just going to drink water instead since it’s mostly mindless sipping while sitting at my desk.

Also there are a lot of “water intake calculators” on the internet that tell me I’m supposed to drink like 100,000,000,698,000 tons of water per day, and different sources have drastically different recommendations. Water is good because better skin and less snacking and such, in case you didn’t know.  I’m just going to cut it off at 100 ounces? That amounts to four EF mason jars of water. I can totes do that. It’s great so far, except (sorry if this is TMI), I have to pee like every five minutes.

I’m so cute.

Anyway, I quit my job at Club Monaco and I’m focusing on being a more present and helpful RA. I feel like I can actually be good at the things that I’m doing, since I’m not being spread out as thinly anymore. I also actually have time to see friends sometimes now, which is amazing. I feel very zen and happy today, although it’s probably just because of the increased water intake.

Deuces, playas.




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