Here are some apps/websites I use on a regular basis when taking classes!


VENMOGoing out to eat or to a concert with friends is fun! Until you have to pay them back and you don’t have cash. Venmo links to your debit card so you can immediately transfer money to your friends.

DUOLINGOFast, easy way to learn a language in manageable doses. They offer Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugese, and Dutch.

MYFITNESSPALKeep track of your water intake, caloric intake, and exercising so you can stay healthy and avoid the pesky Freshman 15! Website and app.

EASYBIBOk you’ve all used EasyBib, but with the app, you can scan a book’s bar code, enter a title, and bam. Done.  Magical citations.

STUDYBLUESo this website is amazing because you can type up flashcards online, and access them anywhere via the app. I can’t even begin to tell you how convenient it is to study in the dining hall while eating breakfast.

RAINYCAFELets you listen to café sounds or pouring rain or both, to drown out your roommate’s 45 minute Skype call with mom.

LINKEDINIf you don’t have one yet, get on it.

GRUBHUBOrder food, get coupons, be happy.




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