Hey girl, “What’s your major?” -Some random bro


Well, metaphorical bro, I know you don’t really care and that it’s just an icebreaker question. But let me tell you a thing.

I am a third year International Business student at Northeastern University, with minors in Chinese, Marketing, and International Affairs. And it’s awesome. Here’s why.

The view from my office at EF!

The view from my office at EF!

Currently, I am on co-op at Education First in Cambridge, MA, but next fall I’ll be moving to either China or Hong Kong for a year. Northeastern’s International Business program is cool because you get to go to a country for a whole year (studying abroad and then co-op), and the language immersion is intense.

It’s TBD which university I’ll be studying at, but I have a choice between Shanghai Jiao Tong, Hong Kong University, Beijing University, HK Baptist University, University of Hong Kong and Shenzhen University. After that, I will spend the remainder of the year on co-op, which, despite my urge to spew out Northeastern propaganda about it, is basically a six month internship.

They’re pretty cool because they show you what working in THE REAL WORLD is like, and they help you figure out what you want to do and what kind of company you want to work for when you grow up.

As of right now, I have two possible career paths: marketing and advertising, or retail buying and planning.

Most of my previous experience lends itself to the marketing and advertising path. I have thus far held three marketing-related internships, all of which were in the Marketing departments of various companies, including the Port Authority of NY & NJ, the U.S. Department of State, and EF Educational Tours. I have been very involved in digital content creation, from creation of advertising graphics to email marketing to social media, and am currently becoming more familiar with the market research/data analytics side of that.

I would love to get into retail buying and planning, and to see if that is also a viable career path for me. I have always held a strong interest in retail, fashion, merchandising, visual arts, and event planning. I have seen it in action on a small scale through my various sales positions at Brooks Brothers, Ann Taylor Loft, and a small art supply store. I’m actually considering taking a visual merchandising position at the local Club Monaco store nearby my school. While the customer service/sales background was great, I found myself much more interested in the big picture: management and planning. Whether it’s marketing or finance or logistics, working with anyone in a slightly higher-level planning position would be great to get my feet wet.

So yeah. This is probably why no one talks to me at parties. Although, being talked to requires me actually going to a party. #nofriends





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