the headliner: lauren engel


I can’t get over how amazing Lauren Engel is. She’s a ridiculously talented Hong-Kong based photographer. She has work published in French Vogue, has partied with Kendrick Lamar, and, of course, is model-gorgeous herself. And on top of it all, she’s one of the nicest people I know. Check out her photography at  and her event photography at  engelaurensniped and her Facebook fan page.

As a fellow International Business major at Northeastern, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and get to know her.  She let me get behind the lens, and was nice enough to answer a few questions.

IMG_6429 IMG_6430 IMG_6434

“I think beauty is looking unique. There are too many beautiful looking people in the world anyway.”


S: How did you become interested in photography?  

L: I actually started photography from editing pictures.  I took graphic design in high school, taught myself color retouching, and decided that I should pick up a camera!

S: Who are your favourite photographers? Models?

L: I love Anouk Morgan, Kesler Tran, Kimberley Gordan for fashion and Cobrasnake for clubbing pictures.

S: Do you consider yourself a fashion photographer exclusively?

L: For photography jobs: yes. I like to shoot high fashion and street style. I also shoot lifestyle photography (travel, food, etc.) because I bring my camera everywhere.

S: What are some essential pieces in your wardrobe right now?  

L: From head to toe–black beanie, black snapback, band tee, crop tee, black leather shorts, high waisted denim shorts, acid wash long denim jeans, black jeans, white converse, black and brown leather boots.  Oops too much black!

S: Let’s talk cameras and lenses. Which ones do you have and why do you like/dislike them?  

L: I adore my Canon 5D Mark II…no explanation necessary!  I invested in a Canon 17-55mm lens a few years ago which I regret as it only works on crop sensored cameras.

S: What are some crucial equipment pieces? Do you use a tripod, lighting equipment, etc.?

L: I actually don’t use any light reflectors or tripod so I guess the most crucial would just be a camera and lens.

S: Any photo editing tips? 

L: I do mostly color correction by using curves then simple skin retouching for fashion shoots, that’s about it.

S: What do you think sets amateurs apart from professionals?  

L: Constantly wanting to improve, knowing where to look for inspiration, and knowing your goals in photography. People think it’s glamorous, but it’s lots of hard work, networking, brainstorming, and late nights.

S: So did you just walk into modeling agencies? How did you manage to get all these beautiful people to agree to a photo shoot?

L: I e-mailed them and they liked my work, so they gave me compcards of models to shoot with and I selected the ones that I adored.

S: You’ve had work published in Vogue France, GQ France, Harper’s Bazaar Australia and many others. How did you do it?  

L: Some are from clothing brands I shot for, some asked me to contribute to them, some I submitted to.

S: What has been one of the coolest experiences for you as a photographer?

L: Being selected to shoot for Beats By Dre!  I shoot for my favourite club in Hong Kong named Volar and they presented me with the opportunity to shoot with them.  Yes I met Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar, it’s surreal, still to me now.




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