face painting with L’Oreal


As promised, here’s my opinion on some of the products I received at Rent The Runway’s Influential Women in Business Event.



I have oily skin, and my T-zone is going to be the death of me. Recently I embarked on a give-a-shit-about-your-skin journey, and one of the tips I received from those wise and beautiful Sephora girls was to moisturize. “Having oily skin and not moisturizing is like not eating to lose weight.” So, despite my reluctance to subject my face to another layer of moisture on top of the hot as balls temps outside, I heeded her advice. This pink Youth Code packaging is exactly what I usually stay away from, and I really only tried it because I was told to and because it was given to me for free. Previously, the only moisturizer I’ve liked has been Olay Regenerist. Sunblock ones break me out, and some others make me feel like I’m rubbing leather all over my face. This has the buttery texture of Olay and smells quite pleasant, which are two pivotal factors in whether or not I’ll even open the damn jar in the morning. Today, I’m not wearing any makeup other than the thin layer of moisturizer I applied in the morning. My face feels super soft, and when I instinctively reached for my oil blotting sheets, I found that there was significantly less oil on my face than usual.  So this might be the next regular item in my skincare routine. Huzzah, free L’Oreal products!

lip balm


I didn’t like the color, it didn’t really moisturize my lips, and it had sparkles, all of which I are deal-breakers for me in terms of a lip balm. Not my thing.

lip stain

Coral and tattoo are two words I love when they’re germane to lip color. I like my lips to be bright, and I like for the color to last so I don’t have to reapply. I’m the kind of girl who swipes it on and then forgets about it for the rest of the day, and I don’t care if it fades away before 10am. Stalker by OCC has been my go-to because it stays on FOREVER and doesn’t have the drying or gross feeling that lipsticks can sometimes cause. The only problem is that it gets everywhere. After applications, it’s all over my fingers, face, and anything in the general vicinity, and it takes vigorous scrubbing to remove from my skin; not to mention how it’s impossible to get the color off my sheets. This stain by L’Oreal is like OCC’s little sister. It’s a bit sticky, which I didn’t like at first, but it absorbs quickly and you don’t feel it for long. It’s also a little sheer, so you get a pop of color without looking like Nicki Minaj. I’m all for a solid matte, bright lip, but it’s a lot more work-appropriate to be subtle. This is great for days when I want to look pretty without making a statement. Basically the only thing that would make this product better is if it smelled like Nutella.

sea salt spray


Having short hair is wonderful when I wake up looking great, and extremely stressful when I look like Alfalfa. Somehow, when it was long, it was docile and cooperative and I barely even had to comb it. But now, on those bad days? No matter how much I spray or condition or coax, sometimes I just end up needing to rock a snapback. This sea salt spray makes my hair feel like a soft bird’s nest, and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it. It does add lots of volume without causing the stiffness of a texturizer or hairspray. However, I’m a bit underwhelmed by it. All it does is make me look like I’ve just had sex, but in a sloppy, not-exactly attractive way. This would probably work better on girls with shoulder-length hair or longer.

dry shampoo


As a professional lazy person, I’ve used many a dry shampoo in an attempt to make my hair look better. This is one you spray in, and then shake out. It was quite disgusting to see the residue, but my hair was left clean and un-sticky.  I’m definitely bringing this product with me when I go back to school, because any product that makes mornings easier is a friend indeed.




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