rooftop party


The most beautiful place in the world was made accessible to me last night, via my coworker Maureen.

IMG_7565 IMG_7577 IMG_7581

Her friend Art, a music producer, is also fortunate enough to live in the penthouse of his building. This includes roof access. So to honor Maureen’s roommate, who is moving back to Germany this week, she threw an “intimate gathering” of five people, which quickly turned into ten, which escalated to about 40. Maureen is one of the best kinds of people: she knows everyone and has been everywhere, but cares greatly for other people and will always help if asked.

Amidst the party-planning hysteria, she graciously invited me to attend, so I found myself  going from the most gritty, tourist-ridden part of NY to the top of the kind of building you can pretty much only aspire to. It was a laid-back, elegant affair. A spectacular salad, a burger, and some booze is always a foolproof summer party meal. I learned a about the extremely interesting music taste and the circuitous career path of a particular coworker, as well as the joys of driving in the city during rush hour.  I got to speak with so many interesting and glamorous people: artists, models, photographers, art gallery owners, NYU professors, and people from abroad. I got to see the jaw-dropping sunset fade around the NY Times building and the Empire State Building and, yes, that famous skyline.


Also, FRUIT TARTS are my all time favourite dessert ever.





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