Condé Nast India


My awesome friend Kayla blogs about her marketing dialogue trip to India! Enjoy.



Kayla O'Neill

The Condé Nast media group, which includes the publications Condé Nast Traveler, (travel & leisure), Vogue (high fashion), GQ (men’s lifestyle), and AD (architecture & home), has many international editions. We visited the India headquarters in Mumbai at their offices in a historic part of the city. We heard a presentation about the ways in which the publication world is changing.

You can take an ancient elevator (complete with two wrought-iron doors and an attendant) up two floors or climb the narrow staircase encased with crumbling plaster walls to arrive at the sleek, open-floor plan office where dozens of editors are hard at work in front of their laptops.

Condé Nast’s Indian publications have a large amount of original content geared toward Indian audiences, as well as syndicated international content that the company believes will go over well with its readers. Each year, major market research is conducted in order to…

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