influential women in business


Throwing a roomful of 200 well dressed, outgoing, and ambitious young women together is always a good idea, but if that room happens to be located at 195 Broadway and also contains five powerful businesswomen, then you’ve got yourself the first annual Influential Women in Business Panel. The event, which was run by Rent The Runway and sponsored by L’Oreal and The Knot, aimed to provide an advice forum and networking opportunity for young women living in the city.

The evening provided invaluable advice about careers and personal growth from higher-ups at L’Oreal, Rent the Runway, The Knot, Refinery29, and Tracy Reese. Check out the full recap on Haute Fashion’s blog.

Kristen Comings of L'Oreal

Some quotes from the article:

  1. Don’t do resume builders, because there is no Employer Checklist Of Things You Have To Do To Be Hired.
  2. Career wise: find something you love, or weed out things you don’t.
  3. Whether it’s a quick email or a handwritten note, make sure you really utilize the opportunity to not only thank your interviewer for his or her time, but to also sell yourself and seal the deal.
  4. In your 20s and 30s, you are depositing as much as you can into your career bank account.
  5. It’s a big moment when we don’t have to ask, “Is it hard to be a woman in business?”

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