weiner, weiner.


At this point the NYC Mayoral Race is just one giant punchline of an SNL “Really?” skit.

yesterday’s AM New York

this morning’s lovely version

I’m not going to lie; both of these front pages put a huge smile on my face. My first thought was that someone just discovered the joys of Photoshop. From a journalistic standpoint, I don’t know if this was necessary, and seems a bit unprofessional. On the other hand, it increases circulation, which I honestly can’t condemn a print publication for.

But anyway, I’m getting sick of hearing about Weiner’s weiner, and am beginning to wonder whether or not anyone actually cares about the candidates’ political views. It’s a valid question: whether voters are valuing celebrity rather than the candidates’ stances on the issues. In case you do, here‘s a great example of internet journalism done by the NY Times. It’s interactive, informative, and visually appealing, and also contains awesome tidbits like the fact that all John Liu’s siblings are named after Kennedys.




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