the hyperlink


some stuff that Stephanie thinks is cool:

A journalistic take on the Tsarnaev Rolling Stone cover by Northeastern’s Dan Kennedy

The dumbest humor you will ever roll your eyes at via Carrot Facts, with such golden wisdom as: “A good way to wake up in the morning is lightly glue a carrot on the ceiling at night and whenever it fall on your head you wake up”

A great follow-up on ArtSpace to the book The Secret Lives of Great Artists by Elizabeth Lunday, which both include some great trivia about famous artists.

Comedian Bo Burnham’s vine, which is worth looking at just for sheer derpiness.

The dream-fantasy twinkly forest music of German composer Oskar Shuster

The hilarious cooking blog, Thug Kitchen, from which I have extracted this quote: “Stop paying so goddamn much for iced coffee. Cold brew while you’re sleeping and wake up with a frosty glass of get shit done.”

StyleUp, which provides daily email updates that give you customized outfit inspiration according to your local weather. Seriously though, it’s like they know me.

And lastly, The Notorious RBG, a tumblr dedicated to celebrating the badassery of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


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