the fanciest of noms

6:29 pm

It’s NYC Restaurant Week, which means you can eat a three course meal for lunch or dinner, and it will only cost you $25 or $38, respectively. To fully take advantage of this opportunity, on Wednesday I cajoled my fellow Marketing interns into ditching a steak and seafood joint in favor of the exorbitant Les Halles on Park Ave., home to renowned chef, author and TV show host Anthony Bourdain. Warning: mouth-watering, hunger-inducing photos ahead!

kale salad


chicken liver mousse (like foie gras)

cod with potatoes au gratin


crème brûlée

nutella macaroons

I had never had French food before, and although the portion sizes were smaller, I was left intrigued and with a full stomach. Overall it was a lovely meal in an unexpectedly relaxed atmosphere, and I’m definitely going to try to test out a few other restaurants on the list before I depart for Boston.

If you’re in the city anytime from now to August 16th, here is the full list of participating restaurants.




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