Good morning from the city that never sleeps.

With a whopping thirteen days left of living in the city, I have decided to begin chronicling my life to the internet, just like all the other self-important teenagers out there. The plan is to include fashion, art, writing, politics, history, film, music, career, relationship, and lifestyle advice and opinions, as well as other personal vignettes and such: the typical everything-I-care-about blog.

The short generic intro is that I go to school in Boston and I’m studying business and a bunch of other potential things. I am passionate about a great range of things which causes me to lack focus in a singular field. Angst, angst. My school and major and degree program will have a post of their own, I promise.  You can find my visual art, design, and photography portfolios, in addition to examples of my writing, in the appropriate pages on the site.

Women in Business Ticket

Anyway, so as usual, I have eight million projects in the works. After attending an Influential Women in Business Panel at The Knot’s gorgeous headquarters in 195 Broadway on Tuesday night, I definitely gained lots of invaluable advice and met some lovely, similarly-minded girls.

A recap of the event for Haute Fashion, as well as a video review of all the free L’Oreal products that I scored in my goody bag, are in progress. I met Harper Yi of Harper Honey, a D.C. based fashion blogger, intern queen, and fellow jack-of-many-trades. Look out for a feature either here on my blog or on my soon-to-be created YouTube channel, which may or may not include career advice and lipstick reviews. 




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