a very chic Tuesday morning

12:07 pm So this morning I took a few hours off of co-op to attend Fashion Group International’s monthly “professional breakfast series.” The workshop was called “READY FOR RETAIL: What Fashion Buyers Want,” and featured the Vice President of Neiman Marcus, and the owners of Boston-based boutiques Serenella, Follain, and Caramelo. It was only $5


10:48am Here are some apps/websites I use on a regular basis when taking classes! Enjoy. VENMO: Going out to eat or to a concert with friends is fun! Until you have to pay them back and you don’t have cash. Venmo links to your debit card so you can immediately transfer money to your friends. DUOLINGO: Fast,


2:08pm Reading the news will make you smarter, more open-minded, cultured, and, maybe it’s just me, but sexier. However, not everyone has the time or, let’s be honest, attention span for it. Remember my earlier post on how reading the news helps you be an adult? Enter theSkimm. Don’t we all want a team of

Hey girl, “What’s your major?” -Some random bro

1:25pm Well, metaphorical bro, I know you don’t really care and that it’s just an icebreaker question. But let me tell you a thing. I am a third year International Business student at Northeastern University, with minors in Chinese, Marketing, and International Affairs. And it’s awesome. Here’s why. Currently, I am on co-op at Education First

fashion show yo

9:24pm Every year, Northeastern’s Fashion & Retail Society works on a fashion show. This year, the theme was “Sidewalk to Catwalk”, and I did a lot of the graphic design and day-of preparations :)     Playlist by Julian Thomas at LighttBlueLaboratory! >, Stephanie